29 Best social media content examples for employer branding


Social media accounts are the most cost-effective method of promoting employer brand. It helps improve both reputation and recruiting processes. It is also an excellent method to be differentiated in the hearts and minds of either your employees or candidates. This is done via the opportunity to showcase your brand personality because “social” media goes both ways: you engage back those who engaged you. So rather than your company looking like a faceless logo, here is your chance to be seen as a “person”. This means liking, following, replying, reposting, and more. But we cannot have people interact with us if we are not interesting enough!

So, to make things interesting, we have listed 29 ways for your convenience. This way, you can easily create engaging content for an attractive employer social media account. All are categorized for your convenience, but they are not clear-cut. For example, you could communicate corporate content via employees, or your “lifestyle” content could be corporate… This is just to make everything easier to remember!


While creating differentiated and unique content, it is best to remember the 3-CO rule: Be consistent, coherent, and connected in all communications. We do not remember the attributes of everyone we got the meet… We only remember the ones who were the most unique for us. So, let’s make sure we create the most memorable content for our followers! By the way, and most important of all… Have you come up with your employer and candidate personas yet? If you have a semi-fictional representation of your ideal candidate, it would be a lot easier to come up with content. You would be better able to foresee what they would like to see once they visit your social media account.

One last thing: It’s always quality over quantity! Not everything has to be a “post” on social media. We would not like our social media feed to be flooded by the exact kind of content from the same brand. Manage an account that would also be interesting to YOU!


According to the AIDA model, we can’t have an interest in the employer brand without awareness of the corporate/master brand.

2A- Corporate info

For starters, what products and services do you provide? There are many possibilities for candidates to position your company’s status as an employer: Facts about manufacturing/services, customers, statistics, timelines, infographics, awards… Just bear the nuance in mind below in #2!

2B- Company events

Of course, corporate events are shared through corporate social media accounts. However, people follow your career/employer brand social media page to get a glimpse at “how their life at Company X” would feel like”. Did you mention a trade-fair visit at the corporate account? Time to introduce the teams in the forefront & background and recognize their achievements! Show that you are an industry leader, but make sure that the focus is also on the people or careers.

2C- Special dates

With the advent of social media, there are so many special days and weeks to keep track of. In addition to globally known dates like the 8th of March, Father’s Day, World Health Day and so on, we now have the likes of Emoji Day or Coffee Day. With examples like the latter, there are many possibilities to showcase how the people in your company differ. In other words, how your employer brand differs.

This kind of content might seem “mandatory”, but there’s a huge opportunity to take a good stance as an employer… Take a good look at some of the dates and see if they align with your workforce. A manufacturing-oriented company would look good celebrating Innovation Day!

For best results, address people’s feelings via storytelling to differentiate yourself from competitors. Anyone can celebrate a day with a static image -your employer brand’s social media Persona can tell better stories.

2D- Social Responsibility

If you have Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, that’s your chance. You could either repost and address employees for their contributions or even tag them with their consent! If not, you could just start impromptu drives like feeding city animals in the cold or environmental campaigns and post about them.

2E- “Did You Know”

This one would be a lot easier to explain with an example: Let’s say that your company, DM, manufactures and retails paper. What about a series on the history of paper? Mini-biographic series about various paper and printing inventors? Infographics about the numbers of papers used globally? The possibilities are endless.

2F- Dictionary

Just like #5, another chance to cement your position as an industry leader. Are you a sales-oriented company? Go with a sales & marketing dictionary series, introducing people to your lingo. Are you known for your IT power? Go with a series on buzzwords. Squeeze in a few jokes there for a more down-to-earth communication.

2G- Quotes

Think of the artists, scientists, inventors, fictional characters, or any other people of historical importance that feels close to your culture. They might have some quotes that are in line with your EVP. Refrain from using people in the land of the living! You may never know when a scandal with a celebrity would pop up, smearing your image.

2H- Reshare of corporate account posts

Don’t have sufficient resources to come up with original content? You can always reshare from the corporate account -just remember to address points about people and/or careers!


This section is all about employee-generated content. The reason is as simple as the following. While shopping, do you just trust corporate marketing materials or customer reviews? Obviously, real people are the more trustworthy information source. There’s a catch, though: Your audience scrolls through maybe thousands of content made by real people, rather than corporations. Thus, real care should be put into them to prevent the cringe.

In the meantime, make sure that your video/image/text content is not cringeworthy, but realistic and humanized. If possible, determine who represents your employer Persona the best, or who would be the most charismatic role model for your audience. Have them trained for content creation; writing, photo/video shooting, public speaking, and more. It’s a win-win: You get realistic, sustainable content while employees get development opportunities & recognition.

3A- Account takeovers

Also commonly used in corporate social media, a great way to feel employees “included”. The underlying goal here is to “humanize” the employer and showcase employees as cultural ambassadors. This option could be combined with special day celebrations, such as a young woman intern taking the reins on Women’s Day. If all the posts construct a storyline and/or has a message, the posts will be fondly remembered. But if the shares are unconnected, the actions might seem “forced” for the audience. Who knows, maybe the content will be so good that you will want to use IGTV or YouTube to highlight them -a huge bonus!

3B- Candidate journeys and employee journeys

“What’s the next step for me?” We, as humans, find it comforting to be in the know. Great opportunity lies here for the young talent audience because they have the most questions. Talk about the recruitment steps, advancement opportunities, rotation, expatriation… All completely hassle-free content!

3C- A day with…

This one might seem similar to #8, but we are now on the business side of communication. Another great opportunity to reach young talent! Show yourself as an inclusive, transparent organization made up of “real” people while answering many questions. For some quick examples, people might be wondering:

What responsibilities will I have as an intern/middle manager?

Which programming language skills will I use when I join the IT team?

Will I be in contact with a global team often?

Is it fun to be part of the team?

Don’t forget to include CEOs & top managers to also humanize your leaders! People tend to think top leaders represent employer culture the best.

3D- Business models / daily work

With the advent of COVID19, we saw the unpreventable rise of “business models”: Remote, hybrid, office, field. Employers have differing descriptions of said business models, in addition to providing a plethora of benefits going along with a model. Bonus points for candid or heartwarming photos or videos from home!

3E- Inclusion

Being included in decision making makes most of us feel good because empowerment gives a morale boost. We feel more like part of the community. Whether it’s Future Of Work, innovation or CSR projects, show that you care as an employer! Go in detail about the steps, teams, goals, and results.

3F- Break times

Having a corporate job is not all about work. Who wouldn’t want to have fun while working? Go crazy with this one!


4A- Employee recognition

There must be an employee who took the most training, or another one who came up with the most ideas, some person or a team might have won awards. Time to showcase them!

Internal events

This one is self-explanatory. Just make sure you are using down-to-earth language, rather than corporate.

4B- Work atmosphere

The common rooms, cafeteria, on-site physical employer branding, chillout lounges, fun zones or random online meetings for morale? We are good to go!

4C- Benefits and Perks

Unless we are self-employed artists, most of us have a “job” primarily for the functional benefits. Rather than the posts being announcements or declarations, try hiding them in the subtext. Communicating them in line with your EVP, employees can testify to how their lives changed for the better.

4D- Training & Development

Employees add value to their employers, so it is only natural that they want value-added back to them. Showcase the schedules, variety in programs, platforms and more. If certification is provided at the end of the training, it’s even better! Employees could share their certificates on LinkedIn, and also add to their profiles… Giving your employer brand a wider, organic reach!

4E- Onboarding/Welcoming

This is fairly easy to do… Just remember to give it a human touch and personalize the content. People belong in communities, not companies. In addition to sharing job descriptions or roles, mention why they are interesting and promising! Better yet, have them introduce themselves.

4F- Wellbeing / Wellness

There has been a huge surge in the psychological well-being of employees especially during the Pandemic. Many had been alienated by the foreseeable fact that employers put work first, instead of employee health. This has been a huge factor in the “Great Resignation”. If sufficient programs, activities or apps do not exist yet, just show how empathetic your leaders are or how the team supports each other.

4G- Leaders

Employer branding is marketing yourself as an employer second but constructing a culture first. And the change begins from the top-up. As mentioned in #10, people tend to think top leaders represent employer culture the best. If the highest-ranking people are almost invisible in social media, it might give the idea that your leaders are hesitant to communicate in real life, too. For starters, managers giving recognition to the persons or the teams is a huge step.


To be honest, anything you post is aimed to help you recruit better by improving your overall image. However, some content types are exclusively for recruitment, such as the ones below.

5A- Open positions

You could, of course, post a static ad with content & design just like on job boards. But would it make you differentiated in people’s minds? Put in a few jokes there (If it is in line with your EVP), animate your image, or better yet; get help from the department members about the vacancy to determine tone-of-voice!

5B- Young talent programs

Do you have any kind of internship, virtual experience, certification, management trainee, young leader programs? The young talent are the ones with the most questions, so prepare beforehand so that you have a landing page like a source for all the answers! See here to observe some options.

5C- Career events or campus visits

Online or offline, many opportunities exist to reach young talent. You can contact them one-on-one or in masses via career summits, mock interviews, case studies and a lot more. Use candidate testimonials to better explain the effect you have in their lives! Maybe complete it with a few Stories about where your team will appear next.


Here are some content types that will be your ace in the sleeve! Make sure your content aligns with your corporate and/or employer brand.

6A- Archive questions & answers

We are sure the HR team keeps receiving the same questions. There could also be many questions directed at your various departments like role descriptions and career journeys. Turn them into interesting content! This will also help you save some variable time in the recruitment process.

6B- Real-time content

Any minute we are online we come across a new global trend, meme or interesting news. Showcase that you are as up-to-date as your audience. These posts are the ones with the most chance to receive interaction. However, either generate a really good idea that you trust or stay silent. Otherwise, there is a huge odd that you are trying too hard to look “cool”.

6C- Polls

Any kind of poll or survey can be created for that period’s agenda. Are finals upcoming for young talent? Make a poll asking about their feelings and needs. Movie blockbuster season? Ask why they like specific kinds of movies.

6D- Contests/Competitions/Quizzes

This option goes especially well with special day celebrations. According to your target Persona, anything can be in focus: Videos, art, ideas, fundraisers… If you structure the process by including actions, there’s more chance for you to appear in your follower’s followers’ feeds! Or in other words, if one participant’s reply is “liked”, that will appear in that participant’s followers’ newsfeed.


Social media is a powerful tool for improving employer branding and recruiting processes, and the content you create can make all the difference in attracting and retaining top talent. By showcasing your brand personality, being consistent, coherent, and connected in your communications, and focusing on quality over quantity, you can create engaging content that stands out in the crowded social media landscape. Whether you’re sharing corporate content, employee-generated content, or recruitment content, the key is to humanize your brand and showcase your culture, values, and commitment to employee wellbeing and development. With the 29 content ideas we’ve listed here, you have a great starting point for creating an attractive employer social media account that engages and inspires your audience.

To learn more, you can join a free week session of Employer Brand Academy certificate courses here or you can download our free ebook creating an authentic employer brand here.

Author: Ali Ayaz
Ali Ayaz is an Employer Brand and HR Consultant with Modern Management Consulting who is well-versed in Employer Brand Development, Candidate and Employee Surveys, Recruitment and Employee Engagement. Having successfully completed Employer Brand projects with multinational blue-chip companies in Automotive, Banking, FMCG, IT, Telecom and Retail industries, he teaches employer brand management, human resources and fundamentals of management at Employer Brand Academy (online) and European School of Economics (London). He is the author of the e-book “How to Build a Robust Employer Brand Strategy” and founder of the Employer Brand Academy. He is a chartered member of CIPD - the professional body for HR and people development.


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