About us

Employer Brand Academy created the industry as first to market all the way back in 2009 and has never looked back since. From day one our goal has been to be innovative and original in the way we deliver training resources that make a real difference to aspirational professionals. Others may have followed us, but at Employer Brand Academy we’re proud to be the true originals when it comes to every aspect of employer brand training.

By providing unique content developed with the benefit of years of proven consulting experience, we offer an unrivalled experience unlike any other. To maintain engagement and provide learning that works in the real world, we focus on optimizing interactivity at every stage. Focused one-to-ones, engaging quizzes and a whole host of other interactive options allow us to continue to lead the training industry and offer learning pathways you won’t find with the other big names. When you add this to our ever-expanding global network and ability to offer highly focused one-to-one coaching, you have a powerful set of tools to accelerate your career.

When you commit to our proven employer brand training, you get to take back control of your career in an exciting new way. Every employer brand course we deliver is designed to connect you with the highly sought after skills that open doors and allow you to discover new opportunities. And because you’ll be able to add your prestigious employer brand certificate to your CV, you can show current and future employers real added value.

Our goal is to deliver everything you need to succeed in your career without the stress or uncertainty that comes from having to search for the right training resources. By giving you everything you need, and nothing more, we simplify the training and learning process so you can focus on what you do best.

We created the industry in 2009, and we can create the next chapter of your career today.