How to build a robust Employer Brand Strategy

Learn to build an employer brand strategy to attract the world’s top talent & keep them engaged

With the skills you’ll learn at the webinar, you’ll be able to:

  • Scoping your employer brand project
  • Engaging C-suite leadership and people managers
  • Auditing HR practices
  • Collecting and Analysing data
  • Defining the candidate persona
  • Creating a compelling and energising Employee Value Proposition
  • Rethink organisational workflows to optimise employee experience across all levels
  • Briefing and choosing a creative agency
  • Touch-point planning and developing a system for ongoing execution
  • Implementing your employer brand strategy
  • Measuring ROI

Join the webinar and master the ins and outs of employer branding with topnotch strategies & insider techniques.

Ali Ayaz – Webinar host

50 seats – Limited