Certification programmes

Enrol Employer Brand Academy's online lessons either independently or as bundled courses, or participate in our prestigious certification programmes to take your career to the next level.

Employer Brand Strategist

Developed for those who manage the day-to-day of the employer brand, this course will help master the rationale, principles and general strategy of employer brand management.

Employer Brand Leader

Devoted mostly to real case studies, this course will teach the student how to draw up, successfully implement and manage employer brand strategy for all possible corporate scenarios.

* All lessons from the Employer Brand Strategist course must have been completed.

The right address for talent management training

In a time when managing talent has become more difficult than ever, you can both learn employer brand management from its source and crown your knowledge and skills with a prestigious certificate.

First in the industry

Being the first in the industry, the Employer Brand Academy is a prestigious institution that has been helping employer brand professionals from around the world stay ahead of the talent game since 2009.

Unrivalled content

Employer Brand Academy’s well-structured curriculum focuses on equipping participants with the full range of EB management skills from sourcing to alumni management and measurement of after-effects.

One-to-one coaching

Based on one-to-one coaching and real-life tasks, Employer Brand Academy programme is delivered by seasoned instructors to offer you everything you need for managing an employer brand effectively.

Global network

Participants can choose from different courses on offer and enjoy the global EBA Hub which offers networking opportunities with other EB professionals from around the world.

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From our alumni

Intrigued? Hear about us from our alumni.

For answers you could not find here, please contact us at info@employerbrandacademy.com.

From our alumni

Intrigued? Hear about us from our alumni.

For answers you could not find here, please contact us at info@employerbrandacademy.com.

Free Learning Resources

Here are the latest free learning resources from our instructors.


How To Build A Robust Employer Brand Strategy


Rules Of An Excellent Employee Value Proposition


How To Create a Candidate Persona

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How To Build A Robust Employer Brand Strategy


Master the ins and outs of employer branding with top notch strategies & insider techniques.

With this webinar, you will learn the fundamentals of employer brand management and the steps you need to build your strategy, implement, overcome difficulties, choose a creative agency and measure results.

Download Employer Brand Strategy Checklist

Over the past 15 years, we’ve worked on over 200 employer brand projects and coached hundreds of people at the Employer Brand Academy. This gave me us huge opportunity to measure, analyze, and prove the effectiveness of this checklist at scale.

This checklist gives you an easy way to build your robust employer brand strategy.

employer branding strategy checklist