What are the two main aspects of employer brand management?

Two main aspects of employer brand management are attraction outside the organisation, for candidates, and retention inside the organisation, for employees.

These aspects represent the dual focus of employer brand management on not only making potential candidates aware of the company and attracting them to apply (Awareness / Attraction) but also on ensuring that current employees are engaged and performing well (Engagement / Performance). This dual focus helps organizations both draw in new talent and retain and maximize the productivity of their current workforce, contributing to overall organizational success.

Let’s dive deeper.

Attraction: This aspect involves creating a compelling and attractive image of the organization that appeals to potential employees. It includes promoting the organization’s values, culture, and benefits to attract talent that aligns with the company’s needs and ethos. Effective attraction strategies ensure that the employer stands out in a competitive job market and draws interest from high-quality candidates.

Retention: Once talent is onboard, maintaining a positive employer brand is crucial for keeping employees engaged and committed to the organization. This involves fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment, offering career development opportunities, and ensuring that employees feel valued and satisfied. Retention strategies are aimed at reducing turnover and building a loyal workforce, which in turn supports a stable and positive employer brand.

Together, these aspects not only help in recruiting talented individuals but also in maintaining a motivated and committed workforce, which is essential for the long-term success of any organization.

How to balance the two main aspects?

May depending on your organization’s needs. Balancing attraction and retention in employer brand management indeed depends on the specific needs and strategic priorities of your organization. While attracting top talent is crucial, retaining and engaging current employees is equally important for long-term success. The right balance ensures a strong employer brand that not only draws in high-quality candidates but also fosters a committed and satisfied workforce. This balance can shift based on factors like market competition, internal culture, and specific organizational goals. Recognizing and addressing the unique aspects of your organization’s context is key to effectively managing both external awareness and internal engagement.

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Author: Ali Ayaz
Ali Ayaz is an Employer Brand and HR Consultant with Modern Management Consulting who is well-versed in Employer Brand Development, Candidate and Employee Surveys, Recruitment and Employee Engagement. Having successfully completed Employer Brand projects with multinational blue-chip companies in Automotive, Banking, FMCG, IT, Telecom and Retail industries, he teaches employer brand management, human resources and fundamentals of management at Employer Brand Academy (online) and European School of Economics (London). He is the author of the e-book “How to Build a Robust Employer Brand Strategy” and founder of the Employer Brand Academy. He is a chartered member of CIPD - the professional body for HR and people development.

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